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Workshop with the DARK Junior Research Fellows

A workshop to showcase the projects by the DARK Junior Research Fellows.

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2 December 2016

Organizer: Marianne Vestergaard

2-day EUCLID NISP Review Meeting

A meeting to discuss the test plan and get organized for the Critical Design Review of the OGSE, which is the last review before beginning to manufacture the various components of the instrument. See link for more info.

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6-7 June 2016

Organizer: Corinne Toulouse-Aastrup

Multi-scale ambient energy deposition from Supernovae²

Exploring multi-scale Type II SNe energy deposition into the ambient medium.

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22-24 February 2016

Event organizers: Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz (UCSC), Chiara Biscaro (DARK) and Jesus Zavala Franco (DARK)

SHOALS collaboration meeting

Collaboration Meeting SHOALS

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15-16 October 2015

Hosted by DARK/Marie Curie Fellow, Dan Perley

2015 National Danish LSST Meeting

The Instrument Center for Danish Astrophysics (IDA) is hosting a national meeting to discuss scientific participation in the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST).

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16 September 2015

Event organizer: Jens Hjorth

CLUES workshop 2015

Annual working meeting of the CLUES - Constrained Local UniversE Simulations - project collaboration.

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8-13 May 2015

Event organizer: Arianna di Cinitio

High Energy Astro-physics Across NBI Seminar

Info-sharing and discussion session.

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03 February 2015

Event organizers: 
Jens Hjorth and Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz

Women in Physics (KIF) Annual Meeting

Annual meeting of Women en Physics, KIF. 

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13 November 2014

Event organizers: 

Workshop: Unconscious Bias

Workshop about how unconscious bias can affect opinions when attending conferences, reviewing papers and grants or when hiring.

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16 October 2014

Event organizers:
 Julie Wardlow and Sune Toft

PhD Course: Advanced Methods in statistical data analysis

5-day course on advanced statstical data analysis with the help of Dr. Roberto Trotta, Imperial College, and Dr. Wouter Verkerke, Nikhef.

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6-10 October 2014

Event organizers: Stefania Xella and Steen Hansen

Careers in Astrophysics

A Workshop by the Nordic Network for Early Career Researchers in Astrophysics.

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18-19 Sept 2014

Event organizers: The Nordic Network for Early Career Researchers in Astrophysics

PhD course: Intro to sub-mm inter- ferometry and science with ALMA

10-day course on research and observations with the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA), which is part of the ESO suite of telescopes that Denmark has access to.

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13-21 August 2014

Event organizer: Marianne Vestergaard

Workshop: Chemical Evolution

Workshop, which focuses on the comparison between the predictions of theoretical models and the constraints provided by the continuously increasing amount of observational data.

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5-18 August 2014

Event organizer: Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz

PhD course: From light to dark - the growing phase of supermassive black holes

5-day course on observational and theoretical extragalactic astrophysics with the help of Prof. Omer Blaes University of California, Santa Barbara and Prof. Nadia Zakamska, Johns-­Hopkins-­University, Baltimore.

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19-23 May 2014

Course organizer: Sebastian F. Hönig

X-shooter GRB Workshop

After 4 years of observations, the X-shooter GRB GTO group has gathered observations for about 60 GRB afterglows. The aim of the workshop is to review and start working new individual projects.

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17-21 March 2014

Event organizer: Antonio de Ugarte Postigo

Workshop: Quasars and their absorption lines -

Large Programme collaboration

Collaboration workshop at DARK. The programme will include overview talks by each of the team leaders, followed by related talks.

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5-7 November 2013

Event organizer: Lise Christensen

PhD course: SUSY

Supersymmetry or not, what is the evidence? The course aims mainly at experimental and theoretical PhD students from the areas of particle physics and cosmology and astrophysics. Main lectures: Professor Dan Hooper and Professor Pascal Pralavorio

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28 Oct. - 1 Nov. 2013

Course organizers: Dr. Stefania Xella (Discovery) and Dr. Steen Hansen (DARK)

PhD course: Publishing Course for PhD Students

DARK is arranging an intensive 5-day course for PhD students on academic publishing and coping with a PhD.

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14-18 October 2013

Course organizer: DARK

PhD course: analysis of X-ray & optical astro data

2-day intensive course on analysis of X-ray on optical astronomical data. Participants will work with the Swift software and will learn to produce scientific products out of raw data.

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3-4 October 2013

Course organizer: Kim Page

Workshop: CAANDY Kick-Off

12-18 August, 2013

The participants of CAANDY will study the topics in cosmology of most interest to the scientific community today: dark matter, dark energy, inflation and gravity.

Event organizer: Steen H. Hansen

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Workshop: Dwarf Galaxies

4-22 July 2013

The goal of the workshop is to discuss  the formation and evolution of dwarf galaxies. The interactions between participants with different
interests and backgrounds  will be one of the most stimulating aspects of the program.

Event organizers: Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz (UCSC) and Nicola Amorisco (DARK)

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LSST Meeting

16-17 May 2013

Steve Kahn (LSST Deputy Project Director) will visit DARK to discuss future collaborative opportunities with LSST. All interested researchers in Denmark are invited to participate.

Event organizer: Andrew Zirm

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NOT Transient Explorer project information meeting

13 May 2013

DARK is hosting a NOT Transient Explorer (NTE) project information meeting, followed by a meeting about the agreement NOT/NTE.

Event organizer: Corinne Toulouse-Aastrup

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HST Frontier Fields Meeting

18-20 February 2013

DARK is hosting a collaboration meeting 18-20 Feb for the CATS (Clusters As Telescpes) collaboration, with the purpose of preparing proposals in relation to the HST Frontier Fields observational program.

Event organizer: Jens Hjorth

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NOT NTE review meeting

24 September 2012

The Nordic Optical Telescope and DARK are hosting the Phase A review meeting for a new NOT instrument project, "The NOT Transient Explorer (NTE)", proposed by DARK.

Event organizer: Johannes Andersen

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Workshop: Black hole mass

2-13 July 2012

The Dark Cosmology Centre (DARK) is hosing a 2-week collaborative workshop to discuss improving the measurements of black hole masses in Active Galactic Nuclei (AGNs).

Event organizer: Marianne Vestergaard

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Workshop: Supernova remnants

18-22 June 2012

Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz and several others are visiting the Dark to discuss fundamental issues associated with the evolution of SNR and to understand better the relationships between supernova remnants and their progenitors.

Event organizers: Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz and Jens Hjorth

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PhD course: Space Science

11-15 April 2011

The aim is to give PhD students an introduction to key areas of space science and, in turn, enable the students to put their own PhD project into perspective, as well as to catalyze interactions across research groups and institutes.

Course organizer: Kristian Petersen, Space Science Center

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PhD course: Euclid science

23-25 May 2011

The aim of the workshop is to give an update on the Euclid mission, present the general science interests in Euclid of the different research groups and discuss ideas for Euclid projects and future collaborations.

Course organizer: Kristian Petersen, Space Science Center

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Workshop: Current and Future Challenges of the Dark and Early Universes

8-12 August 2011

The topics will be dark energy, dark matter, inflation, gravity, future prospects; observations, simulations, standard and alternative theoretical models.

Event organizers: DARK and NBIA

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Workshop: Relativistic jets in the universe

18-30 August 2011

Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz is coming to DARK with a group of students and post docs. The program will include projects for PhD students and a lecture series featuring both DARK and visiting researchers.

Event Organizer: Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz

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PhD course: advanced methods in statistical data analysis

14-18 November 2011

The course will cover the fundamental concepts of modern statistical data analysis, including examples derived from the two areas of science mentioned.

Course organizers: The faculty of Natural Science (Copenhagen University), Nordforsk, NBIA (Niels Bohr International Academy), DARK (Dark Cosmology Centre), DISCOVERY

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HLS meeting

6-10 December 2010

DARK is hosting a meeting on the Herschel Lensing Survey (HLS)

Event organizer: Johan Richard

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PhD course: Advanced simulation techniques in particle physics and cosmology

15-20 November 2010

The course will provide the students with detailed and state-of-the-art knowledge of simulation techniques, which are crucial for interpretation of data from particle colliders or observations in astrophysics.

Course organizer: DARK

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Workshop: SNe, GRBs and Dense Stellar Systems

29 June - 5 July 2010

Enrico Rameriz-Ruiz along with his colleagues Jill Naiman, James Guillochon, Daniel Kasen and Rudy Gilmore are visiting DARK. To mark their visit, DARK is hosting a series of talks and discussions focusing on current research on SNe, GRBs and dense stellar systems.

Event organizer: Justyn Maund, Brahe Fellow

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Nordic Astrophysics Conference

25th - 28th May 2010

The conference will cover a broad range of topics, including Dark Energy and Matter, High-Redshift Galaxies, Black Holes, Supernovae and Gamma-Ray Bursts.

Event organizer: Jesper Sollerman

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Workshop on Cosmic Dust

29 June - 3 July 2009

The focus of the workshop is dust on a cosmic scale - where and when most of it forms and grows and what its properties are in those circumstances and how dust affects the physics and observations of the early Universe and cosmological parameters.

Event organizer: DARK

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Annual 2 minutes meeting

18 December 2008

Each person, high as low, will present max ONE slide, briefly describing what he/she wishes to work on in the following year. This may increase knowledge among people, and hopefully spark new collaborations.

Event organizer: Steen Hansen

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Workshop: Dark Energy

27-31 August 2007

21 supernova experts from around the world worked alongside local participants in the workshop on dark energy.

Event organizers: Dark and NBIA

Workshop: Dark Matter

20-24 August 2007

The goal of the workshop was to increase the understanding of the dark matter structures.

Event organizers: Dark and NBIA

Workshop: The DARK summer programme

July/August 2007

Workshop aiming to focus on a specific topic among Centre members and key visitors. The 2007 programme on the topic of GRBs, star-formation, and stellar death involved about 10 visiting scientists.

Event organizer: DARK

Workshop: First stars

16-20 April 2007

About 40 international scientists gathered, with expertise on a range of fields related to the nature of the first starts formed after the Big Bang, very sistant galaxies and GRBs.

Event organizers: Dark and NBIA

ANGLES Mid-term Review Meeting

13-15 November 2006

Marie Curie FP6 Research Training Network mid-term review and meeting.

DARK Dust Day

14 March 2006

One-day meeting to kick-start the Centre’s dust theme.

Nordic Summer school on Observational Astrophysics

27 June - 8 July 2006

The aim of the school was to train the PhD students in how to prepare, carry out, and analyze observations at both the Nordic Optical Telescope and the Swedish solar telescope on the mountain.

Course organizer: Jesper Sollerman

Conference: Cosmology 2005 - a reality check

14-17 December 2005

The aim of the conference was to bring together researchers working both with theory and people working on observational aspects of contemporary cosmology. The conference attracted about 150 participants, including a very large fraction of all Nordic researchers working within this area.

Event organizer: DARK