Dark Cosmology Centre – University of Copenhagen

Dark Cosmology Centre (DARK) is an astrophysics research centre of excellence at the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, focusing on the ‘dark Universe’: what is dark matter and dark energy, when did stars and black holes form, and what is the role of cosmic dust?

Visitors at DARK

  • Tanja Petrushevska

    • 28-05-2018
    • May 29th - June 12th PhD Tanja Petrushevska from University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia will visit DARK »
  • Julie Wardlow

    • 19-04-2018
    • April 23-24th PhD Julie Wardlow fra Durham University will visit DARK. »
  • Sabine König

    • 12-03-2018
    • Tuesday March 27th Sabine König will visit Dark Cosmology »

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  • Astronomers discover a beam of light from last year’s gravitational wave event

    • 03-07-2018
    • Astronomers discover a beam of light from last year’s gravitational wave event, 100 days after the neutron star merge. The research team had to wait the  neutron star merger to re-emerge from behind the glare of the Sun. They were rewarded with the first confirmed visual sighting of a jet of material that was still streaming out from merged star exactly 110 days after that initial cataclysmic merger event was first observed.
  • The most distant single star ever detected

    • 03-04-2018
    • Two ‘twinkling’ stars in galaxies billions of light years away have been spotted thanks to the gravity-based magnifying power of the galactic clusters between the stars and us, report two papers published online this week in Nature Astronomy.  »

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