Teaching at DARK

DARK offers Astronomy and Physics teaching and research training on Bachelor, Masters and Ph.D. level.

Students at NBI

BSc and MSc students

The faculty at DARK teaches courses and supervises students in Astrophysics at the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen. For the Astronomy and Physics programs and general rules of study, please refer to the University of Copenhagen sites:


PhD students

PhD projects are carried out in a dynamic international environment of daily interaction with the supervisors as well as other students, postdocs and staff at DARK. Typically projects involve state-of-the-art observations obtained at international observatories and/or new theoretical developments. Students typically complete one main project and 2 more 3 smaller projects.

In addition to research, PhD students have some teaching or other communications duties at the Niels Bohr Institute and they are required to take courses, which can be done at DARK or the NBI, through research-based independent projects, and by attending summer/winter schools or courses abroad.

  • DARK expects students to develop a significant international network of collaborators.
  • All of DARK's PhD students work on projects with researchers internationally, and they spend a significant amount of time abroad attending conferences and international schools, as well as for research stays at institutions abroad.
  • DARK's research staff are very international, and they bring the benefits of their wide scientific networks to the Centre.

In addition, DARK hosts up to 100 visitors each year who contribute to DARK science in a number of ways; they infuse ideas and stimulate activity, add their expertise to on-going projects, get inspired and develop projects.

Students at NBI


DARK also hosts Danish and international students for long- or short term studies and short-period visits.