Visitor Programme at DARK

The Visitor Programme is an integral part of DARK. Visitors contribute to DARK science in a number of ways; they infuse ideas and stimulate activity, add their expertise to on-going projects, get inspired and develop projects.

DARK's visitor program offers support for collaborators to come to DARK for short and long stays.  In the past 10 years, DARK has hosted more than than 1000 visits from scientists all over the world. 



There is a wide range of opportunities, both regarding scope and duration of the visit. The main criterion is to optimize scientific return. We support short-duration visits of days to weeks as well as long-term visits up to 12 months. Visits of more than 2-3 weeks are strongly encouraged.  Our associates have a standing invitation to visit.



Generally, visits fall into one of these categories:

  • Scientists of world-recognized caliber in one of the areas of interest to DARK.
  • Visitors who can contribute to DARK science-related activities.
  • Those who would like to collaborate on a specific scientific project.

Visits can take many forms, for example, a single scientist or a research team of co-authors could come to DARK to work on or to finish a paper, to write an important application or proposal.  Suggestions for mini-workshops are also welcome.

Prospective visitors are kindly requested to complete the Visitor Application Form. Before submitting the form, prior contact to a DARK scientist is encouraged.


Work space, computer access and administrative support are offered to all visitors. Request for financial support should be included on the Visitor Application Form. It is expected that most visits are at least co-funded

Visitors are supported by the DARK admin team, who will help with all of the administrative aspects of the visit, including housing.  Any specific or unusual computing needs must be communicated prior to arrival.

The prospective visitor's host (a scientific collaborator at DARK) will introduce the visitor to the scientific and non-scientific life at DARK.