4 July 2024

"Bohr Fencing Club" Takes the Gold


Danish championship for three physics students from "Bohr Fencing Club"

Winning Team
All 6 fencers with coach from DARK, Steen Hansen.

Three physics students from NBI, Sejr S. Bergman, Ivan Kanev and Peter E. Rischel, succeeded in winning gold at the official Danish championships in sabre fencing for teams. They have thus shown that focused training combined with great team spirit in the physics program can work wonders.

When asked about the link between physics and sabre fencing, Peter Rischel says: "It's so nice that we in physics have the fencing club, so we can get out and get a stronger team spirit. And it doesn't hurt to win a championship on top of that." And Ivan Kanev adds: "I personally believe that the unity and the mega-positive atmosphere was a crucial factor in us winning gold this year. "

winning team
The club's head coach, physicist Steen H. Hansen from DARK, explains how the club, with less than 3 years of existence, has moved to the top of Danish sabre fencing: "We spent a lot of time analyzing the last years' World Championships, and we made statistics on which attacks and defenses most often give points. Just like any other physicist would do it."

Team captain Sejr Bergman concludes: "The only shame is that DIKU doesn't have a fencing club, because we would have loved to beat them too!"