19 March 2024

Sarah Pearson among Berlingske’s top 100 talents


Sarah recently returned to DARK as an Assistant Professor after 10 years abroad, where she obtained her PhD from Columbia University and worked as a postdoctoral fellow and NASA Hubble fellow at the Flatiron Institute and New York University. Her research focuses on what we can learn about dark matter from stellar streams in the Milky Way and beyond, and she’s passionate about communicating science to the broader public.

Sarah Pearson

Berlingske has selected Sarah as one of Denmark’s most talented people in their 2024 “Talent 100”-list. Berlingske chose Sarah due to her successful international academic career, during which she has published in Nature Astronomy and secured several prestigious grants and fellowships. Sarah is also being honored by Berlingske due to her numerous contributions to outreach activities, which have made science more accessible and brought attention to astronomy among the broader public. 

Sarah was selected for the Talent 100 list by a broad panel including journalists, chief editors, and CEOs. 

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It’s a great privilege for the Niels Bohr Institute that Sarah has decided to return to Denmark.

Anja C Andersen