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23 January 2015

Allison W. S. Man receives KiF award of honour

Congratulations to Allison Wing Shan Man, who today received the KiF award of honour for her impressive and independent work during her Ph.D. at DARK.

Allison Wing Shan Man

The award is given for Allisons work concerning the understanding of the formation and development of the most massive galaxies in the universe. Already during her Ph.D., Allison has independently contributed to the current research in the field. One of the important questions in this field is whether the rate at which the massive galaxies form has changed during the cosmic history. Using observations at the Hubble Space Telescope, Allison was one of the first to measure this directly. Recently, she has spent some months in Hawaii, where she worked with a leading group there to show that the massive galaxies stopped forming stars early in the cosmic history.

Furhermore, the committee emphasizes that Allison has applied for and obtained time at large international observatories and that she has given talks at several international conferences. This shows a maturity and independence which is rarely seen already at Ph.D. level.

The committee consisted of Lars Kai Hansen, Professor at DTU Compute, Klari Tanderup, Associate Professor at Aarhus University and Kristine Niss, Associate Professor at Roskilde University.
Read Allison's Ph.D. thesis here >>

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