Martin Sparre receives Young Talent Award: Sapere Aude – University of Copenhagen

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05 March 2015

Martin Sparre receives Young Talent Award: Sapere Aude

DARK PhD student, Martin Sparre, was awarded a Sapere Aude stipend by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. Sapere Aude is a special talent development programme for elite young researchers (read more about Sapere Aude here).

Martin takes up a 3-year postdoctoral fellow position on the 1st of March 2015 at the University of Heidelberg, where he will work on computer simulations of star formation in galaxies. The goal is to compare these simulations with observations.  Specifically, his research will explore how star-forming galaxies which produce supernovae and gamma-ray bursts behave in the very early Universe, in order to better understand the physical processes at work during star formation.

We wish Martin the best of luck in Heidelberg!

The award was given at a ceremony held at the Carlsberg Museum on 26 February. Here are all the Sapere Aude winners. Photo credit: Ditte Valente