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03 February 2015

Welcome Chiara Biscaro

Chiara Biscaro starts this week at DARK. She has received a stipend from the Swiss Science Foundation to be at DARK for 1.5 years, working with Anja Andersen and others.

Chiara Biscaro

Chiara will be working on combining an accurate determination of the SNR physical parameters with a three dimensional computational model with realistic chemical model for dust and molecule formation, dust grains composition, size distribution, as well as an accurate treatment of dust erosion that takes into account the chemical composition of the region where the dust forms in the SNR.

Chiara has previously worked at the university of Basel with Astrochemistry of Supernova Remnants, focusing on CasA and Dust and molecule reprocessing by SNR reverse shock and their possibile survival.

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Welcome to Copenhagen, Chiara.

Lise Bech Christensen fra Dark Cosmology Centre has been awarded a grant for DKK 6,457,791 kr. for the project: Galaxy building blocks: Dwarf galaxies at high redshifts - See more at: http://dg.dk/en/2014/10/06/researchers-from-dnrf-centers-of-excellence-has-been-awarded-ydun-grants/#sthash.Havqjccy.dpuf