14 January 2022

Innovative art and science project “Interference”

Signe og JoInnovative art and science project “Interference” by DARK researcher Jo Verwohlt Damm and sound and installation artist Signe Heinfelt receives a grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation for science communication using novel communication platforms. Interference is an art exhibition which uses light and sound installations to communicate abstract and complex wave phenomena in physics and astronomy. The project combines art and science to explore how our emotional and sensory impressions from light and sound interfere with scientific understanding and practice. The installations will communicate physics and astronomy to a broad and diverse audience by using intuitive parallels between light and sound. The exhibition will consist of nine installations and explore topics such as the electromagnetic spectrum, cosmology, atomic physics, optics, and gravitation. The project will be produced at DARK and will be exhibited in Spring 2023.