7 April 2021

Irene Tamborra has been appointed Professor

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Irene Tamborra has been appointed Professor as of 1. January 2021

Research activity
Irene's research activity is in the area of theoretical particle astrophysics and astrophysics, with a focus on weakly interacting particles in astrophysics and cosmology.
A new exciting era has begun with the detection of gravitational waves, the launch of time-domain astronomy, and the upcoming large-scale neutrino telescopes. In the next future, Irene plans to capitalize on these opportunities and take advantage of collaborations with the other local research groups working at the forefront of these research topics. Some of her goals will be to advance our understanding and modeling of extreme astrophysical sites, while gaining insight on fundamental physics. 
Irene is actively engaged in enhancing diversity at the Niels Bohr Institute. Fostering and sustaining a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive research environment for everyone will continue to play an important role in Irene's agenda