Profile picture Cecilie HedeCecilie Cold

PhD student
NBB, Tower G
Jagtvej 155
DK-2100 Copenhagen

Research fields:

  • Lensed Supernovae
  • Type IIn Supernovae
  • Globular Cluster Luminosity Function
  • Initial Mass Function

Cecilie finished her undergrad at DARK in 2018 working with Prof. Jens Hjorth on determining Globular Cluster Luminosity Function distance to the host galaxy NGC 4993 of the famous neutron star merger GW170817 observed in August 2017. She is currently employed under the 3+5 PhD scheme continuing her work with Jens on both globular clusters but is also working on projects focused on lensed supernovae and type IIn supernovae. 

Cecilie is the vice chair of the SCIENCE PhD committee representing PhD students from NBI and CHEM.