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Claudio Grillo

Villum Young Investigator and
Associate Professor

Research field and projects
- Gravitational lensing
- Dark Matter
- Galaxy Formation and Evolution
- Galaxy Clusters
- Observational Cosmology

Selected publications 

Photometric mass and mass decomposition in early-type lens galaxies, A&A, Volume 501, 2009, pp.461-474

On the Average Density Profile of Dark-matter Halos in the Inner Regions of Massive Early-type Galaxies, ApJ, Volume 747, Issue 1, article id. L15, 5 pp. (2012)

On the initial mass function and tilt of the fundamental plane of massive early-type galaxies, MNRASL, Volume 402, Issue 1, pp. L67-L71.

Cosmological parameters from strong gravitational lensing and stellar dynamics in elliptical galaxies, A&A, Volume 477, Issue 2, January II 2008, pp.397-406

General publications