Irene TamborraProfile picture Irene

NBB, Tower G
Jagtvej 155
DK-2100 Copenhagen

Research fields
-Particle astrophysics
-Neutrino astrophysics and cosmology
-Multi-messenger astronomy
-Core-collapse supernovae
-Compact binary mergers
-Gamma-ray burstsbr>Stellar nucleosynthesis
-High-energy gamma-ray astrophysics
-Thermal and non-thermal particle production
-Particle acceleration in astrophysics
-Beyond-the-Standard-Model physics in astrophysical environments

Irene Tamborra is Professor and leader of the AstroNu group. Irene completed her Ph.D. at the University of Bari in 2011. Before joining the Niels Bohr Institute in January 2016, Irene has held research appointments at the Max Planck for Physics in Munich, as the Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, and at GRAPPA, Center of Excellence of the University of Amsterdam. 

Irene’s research activity is in the area of theoretical particle astrophysics and astrophysics. In particular, Irene is interested in exploring the role of weakly interacting particles, such as the neutrino, in astrophysics and cosmology. Within a multi-messenger framework, she also aims at unveiling what can be learnt by adopting neutrinos as probes of extreme astrophysical sites not otherwise accessible.