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NBB, Tower G
Jagtvej 155
DK-2100 Copenhagen

Research fields and projects

Cosmology: The origin of cosmic dust, supernovae, properties of dark-matter halos from first principles, gamma-ray bursts, gravitational lensing, dark matter and dark energy in the Universe, high-redshift galaxies, cosmological parameters
- The Optically Unbiased GRB Host Survey (TOUGH)
- Statistical mechanics approach to collisionless relaxation (DARKexp)
- The gamma-ray burst – supernova connection

Selected Publications


A very energetic supernova associated with the γ-ray burst of 29 March 2003 Nature, 423, p. 847 (2003)


Rapid formation of large dust grains in the luminous supernova 2010jl Nature, 511, p. 326 (2014)

The Gamma-Ray Burst - Supernova Connection "Gamma-Ray Bursts", Cambridge University Press (2011)

The Optically Unbiased Gamma-Ray Burst Host (TOUGH) Survey. I. Survey Design and Catalogs ApJ, Volume 756, 15 pp. (2012)

Statistical Mechanics of Collisionless Orbits. I. Origin of Central Cusps in Dark-matter Halos ApJ, Volume 722, pp. 851-855 (2010)

General Publications

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