DARK News 2011

Laursen and Stritzinger among top Swedish astrophysicists in 2011

31 December 2011

Congratulations to DARK affilliated scientists, Peter Laursen and Maxi Stritzinger, who were named 1st and 3rd most cited Sweden-based astrophysicists in 2011, respectively.  Both are post doctoral researchers...

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Cosmic research picked in breakthroughs of 2011

16 December 2011

Astronomers from DARK have developed a groundbreaking method for measuring long distances in the universe using light from quasars. Physics World has chosen this research as one of the most important breakthroughs in physics in 2011

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Kosmisk forskning på top 10 over betydningsfulde gennembrud

16 December 2011

Kosmisk forskning på top 10 over betydningsfulde gennembrudAstronomer fra NBI har udviklet en banebrydende metode til at måle langdistance-afstande i universet ved hjælp af lyset fra kvasarer. Physics World har udvalgt denne forskning som et af de 10 vigtigste gennembrud...

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Visit by Saul Perlmutter

7 December 2011

Nobel Prize winner, Professor Saul Perlmutter, will visit DARK on Thursday, 15 December, to meet with researchers and give a Niels Bohr Lecture, at 13.15 that day.  Professor Permultter leads the Supernova Project...

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Christmas burst puzzles

30 November 2011

On 25 December 2010, NASA’s Swift satellite detected an unusually bright and long-lived gamma-ray burst. Astrophysicists from DARK and their colleagues explain the unusual phenomenon in a new paper published in Nature...

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Congratulations to Mitch Campbell!

29 November 2011

Congratulations to Mitch Campbell, who successfully defended his Master's thesis Tuesday 29 November 2011! Mitch Campbell is a Canadian graduate student at the Dark Cosmology Centre at NBI. Trained as a physicist...

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Fellowships at DARK

2 November 2011

2012 DARK Fellows and Brahe FellowsSophie and Tycho Brahe Fellow and DARK Fellow positions application round is now open.

Deadline: December 1, 2011.

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Giant star explosion casts light on distant galaxies

2 November 2011

A team of astronomers, including Marie Curie Fellow Thomas Krühler from DARK, have used light from a distant gamma-ray burst to investigate the composition of matter in distant galaxies...

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Welcome Stefania Pandolfi

1 November 2011

Stefania Pandolfi starts at DARK and the Space Science Center today, as a Space Science Fellow.  Stefania is currently finishing her PhD in relativistic astrophycis and astronomy at the University of Rome Sapienza, working with...

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Welcome Lise Christensen

1 November 2011

Lise Christensen starts at DARK on 1 November as a Freja Fellow.  Lise received her PhD from Potsdam University in 2005, and since then has been a post-doctoral research fellow at the European Southern Observatory in Chile and Garching ...

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Nobel Prize recognizes DARK collaborators and research aims

6 October 2011

News of this year's Nobel Prize for Physics to Saul Perlmutter, Brian P. Schmidt and Adam G. Riess, for the discovery of the accelerating expansion of the Universe through observations of distant supernovae, is welcomed at DARK...

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'Dark energy' and 'dark matter' the focus of the Euclid space mission

5 October 2011

The future European space mission, Euclid, which the European Space Agency has just selected for launch in 2019, will have prominent Danish participation. Space Science Center at the University of Copenhagen and DTU Space have teamed...

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66 new telescopes to explore first solar systems and the primordial universe

30 September 2011

How do clouds of dust and gas surrounding newly formed stars become planets? – and how far back can you trace the building blocks of life? DARK Associate Professor, Thomas Greve is among the Danish astronomers seeking answers...

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Light from galaxy clusters confirm theory of relativity

28 September 2011

DARK Fellow, Radek Wojtak, and others at DARK have measured how light is affected by gravity on its way out of galaxy clusters, confirming theoretical predictions. Results are published in a new article in the journal, Nature.

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Astronomers discover new way to measure Universe

27 September 2011

DARK astronomers have found a new way to measure distances. Because their new method uses quasars, some of the brightest objects known, scientists say they will be able to determine distances much further than achieved to date...

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Vestergaard tenured!

9 September 2011

Congratulations to Dark Cosmology Centre Associate Professor, Marianne Vestergaard, who was awarded tenure on 1 September 2011.  Marianne started at DARK in September 2009 as a Freja Fellow and Marie Curie Fellow...

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Congratulations to Diana Juncher!

31 August 2011

Congratulations to Diana Juncher, who successfully defended her Master's thesis Wednesday 31 August 2011. Diana has been working with Steen Hansen for the last year on a project entitled " Searching for Attractors in...

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Welcome to Johannes F. Zabl

29 August 2011

Welcome to DARK's newest PhD student, Johannes F. Zabl, who started at DARK 1 August 2011. Johannes will be working with Johan Fynbo and Kristian Pedersen on the UltraVISTA survey and science with the Euclid space mission. Johannes Zabl’s...

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August is International at DARK

2 August 2011

DARK's researchers welcome more than 80 guests and collaborators during the month of August, for several workshops and collaborative meetings. Some of the visitors come regularly, like former DARK post docs, Páll Jakobsson...

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Johan Fynbo receives €1M from EU-fund

21 June 2011

Astrophysicist Johan Fynbo, Dark Cosmology Centre at the Niels Bohr Institute has been awarded a 5 year grant from the European Research Council, ERC, to research galaxies in the early universe. The funding body supports talented young researchers...

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Extreme gamma radiation from black hole in a distant galaxy

17 June 2011

The extreme gamma radiation is most likely due to a star that has been swallowed up by a super massive black hole at the centre of the galaxy.  The gamma radiation was observed with the Swift satellite by an international team of researchers...

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Unique galaxy found

14 June 2011

A unique example of some of the lowest surface brightness galaxies in the universe have been found by a team lead by DARK researchers, including Lars Mattsson. The discovery was made in collaboration with astronomers...

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Welcome to Thomas Krühler!!

8 June 2011

Welcome to Thomas Krühler, who started at DARK 1 June 2011!! Thomas is a new Marie Curie Fellow coming most recently from MPE Garching, working on GRB afterglows. You can contact Thomas here: tom @ dark-cosmology.dk Welcome, Thomas! 

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Welcome to Amalie Aastrup

6 June 2011

Welcome to DARK's new office assistant, Amalie Aastrup. 

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Welcome to Kristen Jones!

6 June 2011

Welcome to Kristen Jones, who started as a visiting PhD student researcher at DARK today! Kristen's research interests are radio astronomy, radio instrumentation, cosmology, galaxy evolution and quasars. Kristen will be working with Thomas Greve...

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Earliest gamma-ray burst discovered

29 May 2011

Astronomers at DARK have contributed to the discovery of a gamma-ray burst (GRB) that occurred only about 500 million years after the Big Bang. Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) serve as a unique tool to study the first galaxies...

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Congratulations to Karen Pardos Olsen

9 May 2011

Congratulations to Karen Pardos Olsen who has accepted a 4+4 PhD position at Dark Cosmology Centre. She will be working with Sune Toft and Thomas Greve on massive galaxies at redshift 2. Karen received her Bachelor degree...

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Welcome to Niels-Kristian Kjøller

2 May 2011

Welcome to Niels-Kristian Kjøller who is starting as a 4+4 PhD student with Space Science Center and Dark Cosmology Centre. Niels-Kristian will be working with Kristian Pedersen as his supervisor...

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Congratulations to Tayyaba Zafar!

14 April 2011

Congratulations to Tayyaba Zafar who defended her PhD thesis Thursday 14 April 2011! Tayyaba has been working as a PhD student at DARK for the last 3 years with Darach Watson as her supervisor. Tayyaba will soon be starting a postdoc position...

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New discovery sheds light on the early Universe

12 April 2011

Brahe Fellow Johan Richard and collaborators have published new results: "The galaxy we have discovered began to form stars a mere 200 million years after the Big Bang. This is much earlier than previously thought and may change the theories about...

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Congratulations Thøger!

4 April 2011

Thøger Juul Thorsen succesfully defended his Master's thesis Monday 4 April 2011. Thøger has been working on his thesis: Probing early galaxy formation with Damped Lyman α-Absorbers at DARK for the last year ...

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Supernova - GRB connection observed

9 March 2011

Supernova - GRB connection observed Gamma Ray Bursts have now been observed in direct connection with an exploding giant star - a supernova. Researchers at DARK are among those who have studied the rare event. The results have been published in Monthly Notices of the Royal...

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Congratulations to Desiree D. M. Ferreira

4 March 2011

Congratulations to Desiree D. M. Ferreira who succesffully defended her PhD thesis on Friday! Desiree has been working as a PhD student at DARK for the last three years, with supervisor Kristian Pedersen. Desiree also did her Master's at DARK...

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Congratulations to Catarina Fernandes!

17 February 2011

Catarina Fernandes defended her Master's thesis successfully Thursday 17 February after working 1 year with DARK's associate professor, Steen Hansen. Catarina will start a 9 month position as a research assistant...

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Congratulations to Martina Zamboni

31 January 2011

Congratulations to Martina Zamboni, who successfully defended her Master's thesis Monday 31 January 2011! Martina has been working with Steen H. Hansen for the last year on the project "The Shape of Galaxy Clusters". The rest of this year...

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New DARK post doc on team that discovers Earth-sized exoplanet

11 January 2011

Lars Buchhave, Carlsberg Fellow at the Dark Cosmology Centre, is among the group of astronomers who have confirmed the existence of an Earth-sized exoplanet outside of our solar system. A solid planet approximately 1½ times the size of ...

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Space Science Center receives 4.7 million kroner from the Research Council

3 January 2011

The Space Science Center at the University of Copenhagen has received a grant of 4.7 million kroner from the Research Council. The Center is comprised of 10 research groups at several institutes and they all ...

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