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Professor, UC Santa Cruz


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Research field and projects:
My research focuses on the violent universe with an emphasis on stellar explosions, gamma-ray bursts and accretion phenomena. I am particularly interested in understanding the physical processes that govern accretion onto relativistic objects such as black holes and neutron stars.

Selected publications
- The Formation of Eccentric Compact Binary Inspirals and the Role of Gravitational Wave Emission in Binary-Single Stellar Encounters; Samsing, MacLeod & Ramirez-Ruiz (2014)

- Hydrodynamical Simulations to Determine the Feeding Rate of Black Holes by the Tidal Disruption of Stars: The Importance of the Impact Parameter and Stellar Structure; Guillochon & Ramirez-Ruiz (2013)

- The Galactic Supernova Remnant W49B Likely Originates from a Jet-driven, Core-collapse Explosion; Lopez, Ramirez-Ruiz, Castro & Pearson (2013)

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