Transient Astrophysics Program

DARK and the astronomical community have invested significant resources in new surveys that will continue to make unprecedented advances in characterizing the transient sky. However, these new surveys are all missing a core theoretical and interpretive effort, which is required to maximize their scientific return. Our proposed Transient Astrophysics program at DARK intends to fill this void. Enabled by a Niels Bohr Professorship by the DNRF, our program intends to nourish and sustain the theoretical core of the discipline needed to interpret, explain, and add value to the observations, and ensure that there is strong interaction between the theoretical community and the observational surveys.

Scientists from DARK involved in the program:
Jeff Andrews
Katie Auchettl
Michaela Hirschmann
Davide Martizzi
Aldo Batta
Sophie Schroder

International Collaborators:
Anastasios Fragos ()
Giorgos Leloudas (DTU)
Johan Samsing (Princeton)
Charles Kilpatrick (UCSC)
Rosa Wallace (UCSC)
Philip Macias (UCSC)
Josiah Schwab (UCSC)
Ariadna Murguia-Berthier (UCSC)
Jamie Law-Smith (UCSC)
David Coulter (UCSC)
Matthew Siebert (UCSC)
Anne Noer Kolborg (DTU)