Art & Science

In recent years, DARK has started up a formal collaboration with national and international artists and art centers.

Art & Science
Credit: David Stjernholm


In the project Interference in Nikolaj Kunsthal we studied  how can science and art can complement each other by addressing how stories about atoms, black holes and the history of the universe become sensual art experiences.

Yet, It Moves

And in project Yet, It Moves we collaborated with Copenhagen Contemporary and Arts @ CERN to explore movement above us, among us and inside us. The pathbreaking research and exhibition project featuring a stellar array of Danish and international artists presents works at CC and in urban spaces across Copenhagen.

Act of Gravity

Act of Gravity is a close collaboration between the performing arts and science. Following an introductory science talk, the Recoil dance performers use a huge trampoline and acrobatics choreographed with specially composed music and visuals to give the audience an experience for the mind and senses of how gravity affects us and our cosmos.  

This project, developed in close dialogue with scientists from DARK and other international institutions, coordinated by Science and Cocktails, is now touring in Denmark.  

Jo Verwohlt, Jens Hjorth, Irene Tamborra, Irene Campolmi, Radek Wojtak, Marianne Vestergaard, Christa Gall, Arka Sarangi, Luca Izzo