High Energy Astrophysics

Particle Astrophysics and Multi-Messenger Astrophysics

We (the AstroNu team) aim at unveiling the physics of fascinating weakly interacting elementary particles, such as the neutrino, and explore the role of these particles in astrophysical sources, in the synthesis of new elements, and in the Early Universe.

Credit: Irene Tamborra

We also adopt particles (neutrinos, photons and gravitational waves) as probes of the inner workings of astrophysical transients. We aim at addressing the following questions:

  • Which is the role of weak interactions and weakly interacting particles in dense environments, such as core-collapse supernovae, neutron-star mergers, and the early universe?
  • What is the impact of neutrino flavor conversion on the stellar dynamics and formation of elements in the Universe?
  • How are particles produced in cosmic accelerators? Under which conditions could particle acceleration occur in astrophysical sources? 
  • What are the detectable imprints of the source physics carried by cosmic messengers (neutrinos, photons and gravitational waves)?
  • How can we learn about new physics through astrophysical sources?
  • What are the chances of detecting cosmic messengers with existing and upcoming facilities?

Irene Tamborra, Pablo Martínez-Miravé, Annika Rudolph, Shashank Shalgar, Marie Cornelius Hansen, Pedro Dedin Neto, Manuel Goimil García, Ersilia Guarini, Tetyana Pitik